Fiction Documentary Hybrid 85min
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Artyom, Kristina, Kolya and Yulia from Eastern Ukraine are in their middle 20s, sharing a suburban apartment of seventy-five square meters in Kiev

In the stifling atmosphere of Russian aggression, combat fatigue and an increasing Ukrainian nationalism, the friend`s relations are being put to test – the more they try to built a new home in Ukraine`s capital, the more it becomes obvious they cannot leave their old lives and memories behind.

Boekamp & Kriegsheim GmbH in co-production with Potomushto LLC

  • Cast
    Krill Pyatigorets/ Nastya Scherback/ Darya Tkachenko/ Aleksandr Babakov/
  • Director
    Felix Kriegsheim/ Georg Genoux/
  • DoP
    Anton Yaremchuk/
  • Editor
    Marina Maykovskaya/
  • Sound
    Danilo Okulov/
  • Producer
    Yevgeniya Kriegsheim/
  • Executive Producers
    Nils Bökamp/ Felix Kriegsheim/