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What is the value of nature ...?

As a child I grew up during the liberal economic growth of the 1980s and 90s in Germany. Naturally, these newly acquired comforts that came with it shaped me and I was taught values that I am questioning now. Not only because I see our planet in desperation but also because they failed as the path to personal happiness.

Today, we mostly stay indoors, we find ourselves being stressed out by our busy lives and, hence, end up disconnected from nature. Today many of us encounter nature as a threat as we no longer have the experience how to behave towards it or rather in it. I strongly believe that this is the essence for most of the problems we face today.

Despite living in the city, my love for the outdoors always drew me back into nature. That is where I feel free and content and where I get enough distance from my everyday life to constantly put it back into perspective. What do I really need? What gives me true fulfilment?

The film is a personal journey that takes the viewer to the beautiful landscapes of the Alps, Bhutan, France, French Polynesia and to Alaska to experience the exceptional nature we are about to loose. We meet people who are thinking differently and who have found answers to the questions I have.

This film will not save the planet but we can be inspired by the visionary thinking of the people I meet. It gives us hope to realise that there are alternatives and there are people who already live by them. The Green Gap takes another aim to change the narrative of how we perceive our life on this earth and how we want to shape it.

  • Regie:
    Nils Bökamp/
  • Producer
    Vivian Schröder/
  • Kamera:
    Felix Kriegsheim/ Alistair Lee/ Tim Mc Kenna/
  • Executive Producer
    Nils Bökamp/ Felix Kriegsheim/
  • World Sales
    First Hand Films/ Gitte Hansen/ Esther van Messel/